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Pickleball is a fun paddle game. It is reported to be the fastest growing game in North America. While it is played by people of all ages, about 70% of the devotees are age 60 or older. It is an easy to learn game that appeals to people of all skill levels. Our better players are all very nice guys and gals who are very willing and eager to help newcomers to the game. Come out to play with us and you will see.

The No-Volley Zone (sometimes called "the kitchen")
The no-volley zone or "kitchen" is the area in front of the net and extending 7' on either side of the net. As the name implies, you can't hit a volley when you are in the kitchen, nor can you step into the kitchen after hitting a volley. If you do, point goes to the other side. If your opponent hits a little dink shot in the kitchen, you can go in there and hit the ball after it bounces.  Also, when serving, the ball has to clear the no-volley zone and the line marking it, or it is a fault.

Scoring Points and Calling the Score
Scoring is always a little confusing for newcomers to pickleball.  First thing to remember is you only score points when you  have the serve. The details about serving are covered in the summary of the rules below, but it is also important to remember that it is the servers obligation to call the score and reveal whether she is the first server for the team or the second server for the team.  The servers score is called first and the opposition is second. Thus, if she is the first server for the team and her team was ahead 5 to 4, the call would be 5-4 1.

Scheduled Pickleball
The recreation center has sanctioned pickleball play on both courts each Monday at 9 a.m.  You may sign up for play using the tennis court reservation system or merely show up for play. Individuals have been also meeting for play on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a.m. Beginners with no prior experience are welcome at any of these sessions. Orientation to the game, strategies, techniques, and safety tips will be provided to newcomers.

Basic Pickleball Rules - Overview
Click here to read an overview of the basic rules.