Golf at Savannah Lakes

Savannah Lakes Playhouse

The Savannah Lakes Playhouse’s mission is to provide a variety of quality live entertainment for Savannah Lakes Village residents, as well as McCormick County residents and guests and the surrounding Freshwater Coast region of South Carolina. We aim to expand and promote live theatre, dance and other live entertainment forms in our area, and to provide a cultural experience venue to this local area. Our goal is to increase acting skills among those participating and to expand acting opportunities. We offer a variety of stage, technical and support experiences to those wishing to participate, making the experience fun, rewarding and challenging for all those participating in the productions.




Live stage plays: Comedies, farces, drama, and seasonal, with large and small casts. We choose scripts from thousands available, looking for those our audiences will love and we will have fun doing.

Dance concerts: See dancers of many types, from modern, acrobatic, salsa, belly, acting, ballroom, clogging, various exotic, flamenco and lots more.

Variety Shows: Every kind of entertainment you could think of. If we’ve missed it, let us know – we’ll do that too.


Our members, both actors and crew and all support people, are mostly people who have never acted before and may have never been part of any theatre effort. We’ve learned along the way and enjoyed the process. We’re always looking for more actors, sound and lighting tech people, set construction crew, stage crew, makeup and costume and props crew and various production assistants.

Our variety shows also include musicians, singers, dancers, comedians, ventriloquists, story tellers, short skit actors, impersonators and lots more.

Acting roles run from challenging lead roles to medium roles to short roles and even bit parts. Every play and performance is different and there’s room for all. It’s all a little work and a lot of great challenge and fun.

Think you can’t learn lines, or can’t get up in front of an audience? Most everyone feels that way before the find out that they can – and that it’s fun. Plus, the whole process is good for aging brains and new challenges keep us young and alive and vibrant.

The Savannah Lakes Playhouse is also self-supporting, sells tickets at very modest prices, and pays its way for all sets, props, costumes, supplies, printing, license fees, lighting and sound equipment. No one involved receives any compensation.

If you have any entertainment talent or would like to be part of the production team or would like to learn to act, we’d love to talk to you. We even conduct acting and directing and technical classes. If you’d like to find out more, just contact Playhouse President Fred Richter at